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"Case Report-78"

63yr/M- Swelling & pain over left forearm

"Case Report-77"

87yr/F-Abdominal pain& distention

  • "MSK Infections"
    Dr Abhijit Pawar, Cons Radiologist, Nucleus Diagnostics, Pune

    eRadiograph- Imaging of Oral Cavity-"Click" to read

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"Grand Teaching Files"
April-May 2016

"Grand Teaching Files"
2pm, Saturday, 9 Jan,2016
KEM Hosp, Parel, Mumbai

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EDURAD Newsletter Jan 2016
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     Teaching Files-2015-16 section

                           Feb, 2016

  • Fahr's Disease
  • Hypophosphatemia
  • Dermatofibrosarcoma
  • Hemimegalencephaly in NF1
  • Pediatric Mediastinal Pseudocyst

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  • SIEMENS: i-Trendz Jan 2016 issue
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